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The information you provide in content should be considered for information purposes and do not replace in any way the consultation and assistance by a doctor.
Despite contains articles on medical topics, the information is purely informative purposes only and do not in any way replace the medical consultation nor intend to provide the dexterity and experience essential for their use or practice.
Benefits: The benefits of the product reviewed in these pages are not warrantable for sure but it depends from person to person and can vary depending on personal characteristics and other factors.
The product reviews are based solely on information granted by the official pages of the manufacturing companies and taken from documents accessible on the internet and in the public domain, in turn linked, as the official website of the product or other web pages mentioned or linked. site is committed to providing accurate and reliable information: any inaccuracies or typographical errors will be corrected promptly, but the site can not be held liable for the accuracy, completeness or accuracy of the material posted on its website.
Sources: Any data are purely statistical. To preserve the anonymity of clients some names and surnames related to witnesses and sponsors may have been changed.

Limitation of Liability

The site can review products which are neither the producer nor the direct supplier. The site is only concerned with promoting the product according to data provided by the manufacturer.
The site does not deal with product delivery or collection of the payment.
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In case of problems on the products reviewed, such as the time and manner of delivery, you should contact the manufacturer or supplier to the contact pages and in the manner provided by individual producers or suppliers at the time of the order of the product or when received.

Data processing

Data processing: the website does not hold any data relating to the order as names, phone numbers, email. Any data collected on the site are not owned by site but by the same manufacturer of the product and will be treated in accordance with Privacy.


The site will only respond to general questions about the nature of products reviewed in the knowledge of the products limits. Any specific questions or inquiries about orders will be endorsed to the manufacturer.
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